Vampires Do Exist

Vampires exist.
There. I wrote it. Vampires exist.
Now, am I saying there are beings out there who are hundreds of years old and who turn into charcoal-caked marshmallows in sunlight? No. But, then again, I won’t dismiss it as impossible. The stranger something sounds, the more likely it’ll turn out to be real.
What I am saying is there are beings who drink blood (and/or who drain others’ energy for their own fuel, but we’ll get to that later). There are also those who either have longer than usual canine teeth that resemble Vampire fangs and some go to dentists to have their canine teeth filed to resemble fangs. Either way, they have fangs. And many would actually die if beheaded or stabbed in the heart with a wooden stake.
Wait. Wouldn’t everyone die if they were beheaded/stabbed in the heart? Hmmm….
So then, what about the immortality and sunlight? Well, looking at the actual Vampire beliefs and legends that date back hundreds of years don’t mention immortality or sunlight. In other words, to argue the Hollywood image of Vampires aren’t real by using Vampire traits created by Hollywood as proof doesn’t make a whole lotta sense.
So, if we disregard what the movies, and television shows that came after them, made up about Vampires, we’re left with the beliefs that go back to long before anyone knew what a movie was, some of which is not only plausible, but it’s an actually very real reality for those who identify as Vampires.
Many legends describe Vampires as living typical lifespans, others believe a person is made a Vampire, but it only lasts for 30 days before that person returns to his or her human self.
Erzsebet Bathory, better known as Elizabeth Bathory, or The Blood Countess, is one of the more famous actual Vampires. In the book Dracula Was a Woman by Raymond T. McNally, there’s a recounting of Bathory being too sick to get out of bed, so a servant girl was brought to her bed. Bathory bit into the girl’s face and breasts. I’d say dinner and movie first, but this was about 500 years ago. The point is she is an real-life example of someone who drank blood and even bit into at least one person for the blood. It’s not a Christopher Lee movie, but the basics are there.
Then there are the Psychic Vampires. Have you ever known someone who, just by being around them, made you feel exhausted? Then you know a Psychic Vampire. Whether they realize it or not, they drain the energy, or “suck” the energy, out of those around them, leaving them feeling tired. Some are aware of being Psychic Vampires, and even have willing donors who let them drain energy from them, just as there are those who let Sanguine Vampires drink blood from them.
So do Vampires exist? Yep. They don’t turn into bats, fly around, fry or sparkle in sunlight, or live hundreds of years, but they are, in the strictest, most basic definition, real Vampires.
Here’s a pretty good article about it:
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