Covenant Series Characters

As a writer, I don’t put in a lot of character description so the reader can decide for her/himself what a character looks like, but I thought I’d post a list of the characters in Covenant (Book 1) and Renati (Book 2).

The Vampires
Eliza Beck (17, nearly 18-years-old): She’s the girl who never fit in. It wasn’t because she tried to be different. If anything, she tried harder than usual to be like everyone else in her ancestral Werewolf community, the classic red-headed stepchild, who happens to have red hair. But it never worked. She was always different, though she never knew why, until she realized she wasn’t a Werewolf. She was a Vampire.
Sadie Klimer (18): Eliza’s childhood best friend. She’s a no-nonsense girl with a bit of snark, but she’s also a great friend.
Felix Renault: (50s): the Patriarch of the Covenant Vampires. He’s thin, worn, he’s lived through too much grief. He’s an optimist because he knows things could be better for the Vampires, but he’s also very tired, not only physically, but emotionally.
Lysander Deveraux: (20): He’s the classic romantic vision of Vampire: dark hair, pale skin, pretty beyond gender, and he knows it. He assumes every girl who sees him will be attracted to him, and he’s usually correct. But his vanity only goes skin deep. He also happens to be a genuinely caring person, a gentleman.
Adele (21): She is sweet, and a bit shy. Those who know her want to protect her, but she never acts weak.
Denis (23): the life of the party. Dark, slicked back hair and always looks like he’s about to start laughing. He has a joke for every occasion and loves to laugh.
Clemence (22): She is the big sister Eliza wished she had. She’s wise and caring. She and her girlfriend, Mirabelle, are of two bodies, one mind and spirit.
Mirabelle (21): She only seems to be the submissive type. She doesn’t say much, instead letting Clemence do their talking, but when she becomes angry, she has no fear.
Raoul & Sasha (30s): both of them large and mean looking. They are the bodyguards for the Covenant Vampires and they take their jobs very seriously.
Izzy (18, introduced in Book 2, Renati): plain spoken, tomboyish, a new Vampire who’s curious and not afraid to ask question, even the embarassing ones.
The Werewolves
Sheriff Jack Swartz: (50s): A large, intimidating man, even before he transforms. He’s the classic small-town sheriff, powerful and he’s not hesitant to use it to his benefit.
Deputy Derek Swartz (25): Jack’s son. Being the sheriff’s son, and a deputy, has its privileges. His father’s seniority in the Werewolf pack makes him even more arrogant. He likes to wink, thinking it makes him charming to the ladies.
Grandmama Inga (70s): the maternal matriarch. She looks at home with knitting needles and cookies baking in the oven. But she has her beliefs, what others would call bigotry, but, to her, that’s the way it is, so she’s not being mean, just truthful.
Ingrid Beck (late 30s):  a pretty Alpha’s wife. She is the mother Eliza believed would always protect her. She is loving to those she loves, but can be cold to those she’s cast away.
Otto Beck (not actually in Covenant, but is referred to and ordered Eliza to be killed, 40s): a man who leaves a mark wherever he goes. He is powerful and he knows it. He is the literal Alpha in his Werewolf pack, but he treats everyone like they are in his pack, to be blessed or discarded on his say.
Tim Tyler (a.k.a. Timmy the Twerp): the clean-cut perceived All-American young man everyone wants as a son and/or son-in-law. To the Werewolf and Human public, he’s charitable and oozing goodness, but Eliza knows better. He also happens to be the Werewolf guru, the one everyone looks to for guidance, but, in reality, his boy next door persona is nothing more than that.
The Witches
Aingeal: had been wrongfully imprisoned by Eliza’s father, Otto, when he was a prosecuting attorney for a boy’s murder. After an alibi witness comes forward, Aingeal is released to help the Vampires.
Donal : introduced in Renati (Book Two of The Covenant Series). The High Priest and Aingeal’s uncle.
Casey (20): introduced in Renati (Book Two of The Covenant Series). A Witch who has the unique ability to change physical appearance to reflect what others see. Casey can be a male or female, young or old, in any appearance, depending on others’ perceptions. Casey and Eliza are instantly attracted to each other, the truest soul mates.
The Slayers
Ceciia Norman (30s): Cherokee. Long dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes. Dressed in leather and carried a crossbow. She’s descended from Slayers who’d stayed true to their mission: to hunt Werewolves. Cecilia works with the Vampires because she never bought into the Slayer Leader’s, Abasi, new alliance with the Werewolves against the Vamires.
Abasi (40s): Large, very muscular. Eliza describes him as making eating cheesecake look scary. He’s a man of few words, but people are too afraid of him to talk, anyhow. He holds a grudge against the Vampires after finding out his sister, who had stayed home in Kenya, was a Vampire, so he made a truce with Eliza’s father, Otto Beck, the Werewolf Alpha.
The Witches
The Humans
Katie Samuels (17): A Vein Chow Mein, meaning a Human who befriends Vampires. Katie became involved in the Vampire Community after meeting her Vampire boyfriend, Claude, but also supports Vampire Equality. She’s a vibrant, friendly person.
Jolene Wadley (Mayor’s Wife, 60s): typical Southern high society lady with helmet blonde hair and a designer dress suit, the type you have to watch to see if she’ll breathe before you know if she’s a mannequin or not. She wears a constant smile and has to ask the nearest powerful man what she thinks.
Jessica Clemens (introduced in Book 2, Renati, 60s): wealthy, high society. Everyone she meets is either one of her own or a servant, no in-between. But Eliza finds some interesting books on her bookshelf, books about the Supernatural.
These characters are not Vampire, not Werewolf, not Witch, not Human:
Lily (or Lilith): introduced in Renati (Book Two of The Covenant Series). A ghost who lives in the woods behind the house the Vampires move into just outside of Joplin, Missouri. The woods are a safe place for the Vampires during the hunt, and Lily has something to do with that.
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