Chapter One

The Hunt

            Night. The time when the silence is quicksand heavy, when a million eyes stare, unseen. In short, it’s creepy. It’s a time that always frightened me, maybe because I always knew it was forbidden, and so it was mine. I’ve always been different, odd, an outcast. I didn’t wear it proudly. I’d try to shake it off, but it stuck to me, even when, on the outside, I was exactly what was acceptable. No matter what I’d wear, who I’d hang out with, who I’d date, no matter what music I listened to or who I said was my celebrity crush, people knew. And they shut me out of the inner societal norm sanctum because they knew. I wasn’t even my parents’ favorite, and I’m an only child. I resisted the night, even when it called to me, welcomed me. I wanted so much to be accepted, no questions asked and no impossible expectations, but not if it meant joining the night, being one of them…

A Vampire…

But then I was hunted.

And I had no choice.

My eighteenth year was coming, no stopping it, and I was afraid. It was like a storm gathering over me, telling me to be ready…ready to conform or ready to run. But how can one conform when one cannot change? Come first full moon, it would be obvious to everyone.

I was not a Werewolf.


So begins the story of Eliza Beck, daughter of the Werewolf Alpha hunted by those she trusted because she was what they hated most…a Vampire. In The Covenant Series, Eliza has to adjust to being what she’d always heard was the worst thing to be while trying to stay alive. Good thing she has good friends, her new family, in fellow Vampires, Witches, a Shapeshifter, Human allies, and even a Slayer or two. She’ll find love, she’ll find courage, she’ll find out she’s far more than her wildest imagination could ever dream of.

I came up with the idea for this series as a metaphor for being different, not conforming to the so-called ‘norm,’ for those who are bullied, verbally and physically, because they don’t fit in. But I hope everyone who reads it, no matter your walk of life, is entertained.

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