Happy Trails to You, The Covenant Series

I’d decided to scrap The Covenant Series, a novel in 3 parts I was already working on, but when I saw last night’s U.S. version “Being Human” episode, with a scene where the Vampire, Aiden, was hunted by the Werewolves, it confirmed my decision. See, I’d already made up my mind, but seeing my basic plot played out on a TV show cinched it for me. But there’s no sense in just chunking it entirely, so I’ll post the entire work on this blog, a chapter a day. Copyright law does apply, since anything written is protected, even if it isn’t published in book form or registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. In addition, this blog is a record that I wrote this, but I thought I’d share it and hope readers find it and enjoy it. So I’ll organize it in the categories section of the right hand bar by book and chapter, so you can conveniently read it in order.

To all who have visited, and will visit, this blog. Thank you. I do hope you enjoy this work. As for me, I’ll be moving on to other projects and I’ll post a link to my new blog and site on the right hand bar soon.

Thanks again.


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